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By day I am a Fashion Designer working for a major retailer that you more than likely have in your town. By night I am a Wanna-Be Baker/ Costume Designer/ Animator/ Painter/ Illustrator/ Design Historian/ Craftician. I am a Gemini. I want to know how to do everything. I don't have time for all of my interests which are many, which is why I cycle through so many different things. I live in Brooklyn. I make some of the most delicious Apple Pie with Homemade crust you'll ever know.


film, opera, peanut butter, ballet, animation, ephemera, clothes, chandeliers, mosaics, learning things, i love (in no particular order): baking, tatting, plain cheerios, modern illustration, anything 50s, hawaiian elements, the atomic age, design details, buttons & trims, sewing & art supplies, history (especially as it relates to anything visual.), costume design, history of textile arts, pincushions, old magazines, christmas ornaments, fireplaces, books, crocheting, quilting, fabric, gardens